Maria's Art Creations

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Maria Creates Art..

I am very happy, excited I would say better to have the chance to include from today on my blog, artworks of my wife Maria Fthenou. Influenced by expressionist and abstract trends, her work includes acrylic color paintings, as well as modern decoration art crafts. 

Art-making in progress...

Her work...

''Urban shadows'' [Athens, February 2012]

''Opposite directions'' [Thessaloniki, March 2013]

''The visionary'' [Athens, December 2012]

''Lost innocence'' [Athens, December 2011]

''The departure'' [Athens, September 2012]

''The cyclist'' [Athens, November 2012]

''Rainy walk'' [Athens, April 2012]

''Art Work no1'' [Thessaloniki, October 2013]

''Art Work no 2'' [Thessaloniki, September 2013]

''Art Work no 3'' [Thessaloniki, October 2013]

''Art Work no 4'' [Thessaloniki, October 2013]