Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Love This Photo - Elafonissos, Crete

This photo was taken in Elafonissos, Island of Crete on Saturday, November 29, 2008. Elafonissos is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. It is located about 70 kilometres South-West of Chania Town. During Spring and Summer months you get a real tropical feeling. A beautiful collection of small coves with all the shades of pink and gold, shallow and calm waters with cedars right next to the waterfront.

During the winter months, when all the tourists have gone and strong winds from the Libyan Sea are hammering the south cost of the Island, then the whole scenery changes dramatically. It is exactly when you can get a photograph of that area in a way that very few people have done it. That's why I love that photo! Photographer's website

Photograph Technical Description
Camera: Nikon D70s
Lens: AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm 1:35-4.5G ED
Focal Length: 18mm
F-stop: f/11
Exposure Time: 1/125sec
ISO Speed: ISO-200

Google Earth Coordinates: 35 16' 09.72''N, 23 32' 41.22''E
Camera Direction: WSW
Time of Shooting: 14:33 [GMT +2]

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